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Fit to Retire

Retirement is the world’s longest coffee break, but are you Fit-to-Retire?

Fit-to-Retire determines your readiness in the 5 areas of retirement success, Self-Identity, Social, Health & Nutrition, Personal Relationships, and Financial Security. This Four step process helps you understand the areas of retirement success and gives you the opportunity to work with a certified Fit-to-Retire coach so that you are ready to take the worry out of retirement and make the transition to your new way of life.

4 Step Process

Complimentary Fit to Retire Assessment
Schedule a meeting with your certified Fit-to-Retire Coach to get a comprehensive assessment report
Plan your retirement with a customized pre-retirement checklist that will set you up for a successful transition
Use your personalized 100-day playbook to help you get ready for the first 3 months of your retirement adventure
Research has shown the more prepared and enthusiastic you are about retirement the less anxiety there will be about whether you are truly ready or not. After you take the free assessment you are given a personal Fit-to-Retire assessment score that goes over the 5 areas of retirement and how you rate in preparedness and enthusiasm for your transition to retirement.

After you can schedule a meeting with a certified Fit-to-Retire coach to start on your plan for a successful retirement transition. Your coach will show you how to get the most out of the 3 seasons of retirement;


Fit-to-Retire is a retirement transition, not a financial or retirement planning tool

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